A closer look at shower curtains and bathroom accessories

Retro Shower Curtains

Retro shower curtains can be cool and decorative, while adding some unique style and character to any bathroom in the home.

Retro shower curtains will bring everything you love about the retro style right into the comfort of your own bathroom. Imagine the thrill you will feel every time you enter the bathroom. You can find all kinds of shower curtains-from the eccentric to the unusual-for your bathroom, so what are some of the most popular designs that people choose, and what might be ideal for your home?

You cannot overlook the style that goes with the theme of classic cartoon characters. Whether you love Transformers, Astroboy, or my Little Pony as a child, you can look online to buy a retro shower curtain. It is no wonder these shower curtains are so popular right now with this renewed interest in retro cartoons. For the avid retro collector, these types of designs will complement to your other retro bathroom accessories, including toothbrushes, soap dishes, and wastebaskets. A quick Internet search will uncover several sources for matching accessories. You will find cup holders, toothbrushes, waste baskets, rugs and more. Go even further than that. You can paint the walls, depending on your shower curtain, and add matching window curtains. This will give your bathroom a unique look and be sure to impress your friends.

If cartoon characters are not your thing, fortunately there are countless other options, designs, and models you can use. A timeless design is the famous bubble themed shower curtain. They really make fun bath time again for you and your children if you choose to decorate your bathroom in a retro style. If you like bubble craze of the 50s, these will be perfect for you.

Holiday themes are another popular design that you can view and purchase. Many different designs have come and gone. It is often possible at Christmas, Easter, and Halloween to find retro holiday shower curtains from a local thrift store, flea market, or online. You never know where your next favorite retro item will show up, so it pays to shop online.

And now you can see the possibilities. You can use retro shower curtains and matching accessories to create the style you want for your bathroom. Whether you are redecorating for the holidays, or have developed a new love for Betty Boop, you are sure to find the supplies you need online.

As you can see, a retro shower curtain can add a lot of fun, spice and variety to the bathroom. If you have time, you can swap them out as often as you want so you will always have something new to see in your bathroom.

Retro shower curtains are available in a variety of brands, shapes and sizes. You can choose from plastic, linen, fabric, or cotton. Each has their advantages and disadvantages, but generally plastics are more popular because they last longer and are easier to clean and maintain. Don’t be afraid to consider a colorful design just because it is made of a different material tan you wanted, originally. Get what makes you happy, now and will keep you happy for years to come!