A closer look at shower curtains and bathroom accessories

Country Shower Curtains

Country shower curtains can be used in any bathroom area to add some rural style, and can be found most commonly in fabric like cloth and vinyl.

Country shower curtains are especially useful items when you decide you want to change the appearance of your bathroom. You can find country themes in different colors and patterns, so it is easy to adapt the elements already present in the bathroom. Shower curtains are relatively inexpensive to buy when giving your bathroom a brand new look, especially if you change your curtains with each season. Imagine the having the look of changing leaves in autumn, and blooming flowers in the spring.

You can even buy special country shower curtains for individual holidays. A theme might show scarecrow in a field for Halloween; Santa Claus and a chimney; or Easter chicks, bunnies, and colored eggs. Designs like these can bring home feeling of any holiday in a country setting. Because the curtains are so affordable, you can change them as often as you like.

When you want to buy country shower curtains, be sure to take a number of things into consideration. Take a look at colors that now dominate your bathroom (minus your current shower curtain). You can choose to match these colors or complement with contrasting colors. Colorful shades of lighting and your bathroom accessories emphasize the use of these shower curtains, which add sophistication and luxury. Consider more basic prints like ginghams, floral prints, and cottons with waterproof lining, or even transparent sheer lace with subtle country patterns on them. Bright colors, bold designs, and softer shades of lavender, lemon yellow, shades of blue and pink hue are popular shades for country shower curtain colors for solid styles and those with patterns.

You should also consider the materials. Cloth curtains give an authentic country feel; but handle them carefully when they become damp. You need to buy a clear or neutral liner with them, or a liner with a matching or complementary color. It is also useful to put cloth curtains in the washer, occasionally, to prevent mold growth. Vinyl blinds are usually cheaper, easier to maintain, and require no liner. Great country designs can be found on vinyl, and fit well with a busy bathroom that gets lots of traffic. They are especially nice for a child’s bathroom, where water tends to splash out of the bathtub. Fabric curtains are best for preventing mold and mildew. You can use simple earth colors in the curtains and shower curtain rings. These shower curtains will be a perfect match for the atmosphere in your country home. Choose long liners to protect your floors against the excess water. You do not even have to leave home to find your ideal shower curtains. You can browse online sources for shower curtain and check hundreds or thousands of styles and sizes for your bathroom.

Country shower curtains offer many advantageous features in terms of choice of colors, the simplicity of style, easy maintenance, and a touch of traditional flavor in the bathroom, while giving owners a personal space that is nicely decorated too. Ideally, a country shower curtain should be associated with a series of rustic accessories, so you can be bold and to make the space interesting and quintessentially country.